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Those wishing to practice law in Western Australia must meet the educational and practice requirements set by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia pursuant to the Legal Profession Act 2008.

The final step to become a legal practitioner in Western Australia is for the Supreme Court to validate and confirm that all Legal Practice Board requirements have been met. This process which is referred to as being "admitted" to the legal profession, involves a hearing before the Supreme Court by those seeking admission.

In addition, pursuant to the Mutual Recognition (WA) Act 2001, those who meet the requirements and are entitled to practice law in other Australian states and territories may be admitted to practice law in Western Australia.

Admissions Ceremonies are live-streamed from this website, with video recordings of the ceremony available on this page shortly after the Admissions Ceremonies for a limited time.


Admissions – Live Broadcast of Admissions Ceremonies in the Supreme Court of Western Australia


Admissions Ceremonies were last held at the Supreme Court on 2 February 2018.

9.15am - Admissions Ceremony (mp4 182Mb)

10.00am - Admissions Ceremony (mp4 182Mb)


The following people were admitted in the ceremonies to practice as a lawyer in Western Australia:

Admitted on Friday, 6 April 2018:

John Abou Haidar

Lauren Maree Adamson

Oureivani Bruno

Michael Kingsley Burton

Matthew William Courtney

Charles Mark Dallimore

William Thomas Dixon

Terrence William East

Leanne Frances Galloway

Toriana Samora Machel Henderson

Matthew Adam Holler

Thilakshika Manonjalee Menike Jayasekara Adikari Appuhamige

Rachel Narelle Kau

Caitlin Marie Langworthy

Teck John Ling

Sam Dylan Metcalf

Miranda Caroline Millward

David Luke Mottolini

Emily Louisa NEGUS

Alexander Neri

Andrea Pavia Nicola

Jonathan Michael O'Connor

Michael Ivan Olds

Louis George Osborn

Sophie Mathilde Beeck Pemberton

Daniel Maslen Pritchard

Liam Gerard Quinn

Win Myat Sandi

Verity Jane Sebire

Tara Rachael Sherwood

Jorja Jean Sumner

Genevieve Jun Wei Teo

Elisa Amy Travaglione


Further information about the legal profession and legal practice may be obtained from the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia website.


Last updated: 10-Apr-2018

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