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Filing documents in the civil jurisdiction of the Supreme Court using the Court’s online system

eLodgment is the term used to describe the filing of a document in the Central Office (Registry) of the Supreme Court of Western Australia electronically, using an online system.

Documents are elodged via the ecourts portal

elodgment in the civil jurisdiction of the Court is authorised by Order 67 rule 20 of the Rules of the Supreme Court 1971 (WA), and is available for use by the legal profession, government agencies and self-represented litigants.  

Proceedings in the Court’s civil jurisdiction can be commenced by filing originating documents electronically. Once commenced, all other documents can also be filed via elodgment. Filing fees are paid online and all court orders and listings can be accessed electronically by parties to the proceedings.

 From 3 July 2017, parties to civil litigation will be able to file via elodgment most originating and non-originating documents. A full list of the documents not presently available for eLodgment is available here.

Compulsory eLodgment - 1 March 2018

The Supreme Court will shortly be moving to an eFile. As a result, on 1 March 2018 it will be compulsory for the legal profession and for government agencies to use the eLodgment system to file documents in General Division civil matters of the Supreme Court.

At this stage, it has not been decided whether elodgment will be compulsory for self-represented litigants. However, all participants in litigation are strongly encouraged to now register for eLodgment, and access the benefits of the system.

The court will shortly publish further information concerning compulsory elodgment, and the limited exceptions that will be permitted. In the meantime, we recommend that all participants in civil litigation ensure that they are registered for, and familiar with elodgment.

Becoming a Registered user

To use eLodgment you must be a registered user.

  1. Go to the ecourts portal home page
  2. Read the terms and conditions
  3. Click on the Register link
  4. Complete and submit the registration form

Please note that registration approval may take up to 3 business days. You will receive an email notification when your registration is complete.

Help and support

If you need help with the technical operation of eLodgment, you can contact the Courts Technology Group Helpdesk on (08) 9425 2645 from 8.15am to 4.45pm Monday to Friday, or email at any time.

Last updated: 15-Nov-2017

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