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eLodgment Court Fees

How do I pay court filing fees?

eLodgment contains the capacity for court filing fees to be paid online. There are two ways the court filing fees can be paid. The first is to pay the relevant fees using a credit card as part of the lodgement process for each document batch. The court accepts Mastercard or Visa card. The court does not add any credit card fee to the amount of the filing fee. The user pays the same amount when lodging online with a credit card as they do when lodging over the counter and paying via cash.

The second is to establish a direct debit link between the eLodgment system and the registered user's bank account. At the point of lodgement of a document batch, the user will be asked to authorise deduction of the relevant filing fees from the user's bank account using the direct debit. To put in place a direct debit facility, a user with Manager access will need to create the direct debit component of eLodgment.

What do I need to do if my client wishes to have fees reduced or deferred?

Applications for fee reductions or deferrals need to be completed and submitted manually.

Last updated: 4-Jul-2016

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