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eLodgment Lodging Documents

What eLodgment facilities are available for the Supreme Court?

The following documents can be filed electronically at the Supreme Court using the eLodgment system:

  • Affidavit
  • Affidavit of service of Writ of Summons
  • Application to a Case Management Registrar
  • Defence
  • Memorandum of Appearance
  • Memorandum pursuant to Order 59 r9 (1) & (2)
  • Notice of Appointment of Solicitor
  • Notice of Change of Solicitor
  • Statement of Claim
  • Summons (form 77)
  • Undertaking
  • Writ of Summons

The search functions of eLodgment are available for Supreme Court matters. See: What can I search if I am a registered user? and What documents can I view if I am the solicitor on the record? 

Can I check a draft before lodging it?

Yes, eLodgment will provide you with an opportunity to review a draft. Draft documents have the word 'preview' embedded into the document as a watermark.

How will a claim or a writ be sealed?

When a claim or a writ is lodged through eLodgment, it will be allocated an action number through the eLodgment system. The sealed service copy, with the action number, will be electronically returned to the user who filed the document. This electronic service copy will have the Court seal embedded in the document as a watermark.

How will I know if the application has been successfully lodged?

Documents filed through eLodgment are electronically filed directly into the court's electronic file management system. This is a more advanced system than one in which an image of the document is emailed to the court and then at some later stage printed out by registry staff and placed on the court file.

As part of the eLodgment process, the user will receive an on screen confirmation that the document has been successfully filed.

The time taken to lodge a document will vary depending on a number of issues including the user's familiarity with the system, internet traffic and the user's operating system. Confirmation of lodgement is given in the form of a running progress screen which indicates to the user at which stage the payment and lodgement process is at. The lodgement time could take between 30 seconds and five minutes, depending on the number of documents contained within the batch.

Can I serve documents by email?

Service of documents by email is dealt with by RSC Order 72. In summary terms, for a document to be able to be served by email in the Supreme Court two things must be present:

  • The other party must have provided an email address for service.
  • The document must be one which is capable of being filed electronically.

If a document is capable of being filed electronically (for example a Writ of Summons) and the other party has provided an email address for service, then the rules allow the party filing the document to serve it by email.

Where documents have been filed through eLodgment, the service copy may be saved from the eLodgment system into the user's own computer system so as to facilitate service by email.

Last updated: 19-Jul-2012
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