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eLodgment Registration

How do I register my organisation?

To register your organisation you will need to complete and submit an application form. This form requires you to identify your organisation, the individuals to be registered and their required access level. Once your named users have been confirmed as being registered, they will be able to access the eLodgment application. Comprehensive description of the registration instructions.

If your organisation is already registered for eLodgment, but you want other users registered, you will need to complete a user update form.

What is meant by access levels?

There are two types of access level, Standard and Manager. Standard access allows the individual to create, edit, save and delete documents and batches (when a document is created it is placed into a batch, allowing you to lodge more than one document at once). Manager access allows the individual to do all this plus they can create a direct debit account and are able to lodge documents and pay any lodgement fees. Manager access is also required to add or remove users within an organisation.

How do I update or remove a user's access?

To remove or update a user's access a person with Manager access will need to complete and submit a user update form.

Last updated: 19-Jul-2012
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