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eLodgment Search Functions

What can I search if I am a registered user?

A registered user can search basic information on civil files in the Supreme Court. The information that can be gathered from this functionality includes:

  • Names of parties.
  • Parties' representatives.
  • Matter reference number.
  • Date lodged.
  • Hearings.
  • Index of documents lodged.

The registered user who is not a solicitor on the record will not be able to view any documents filed through eLodgment.

What documents can I view if I am the solicitor on the record?

A registered user who is the solicitor on the record in a particular action in the Supreme can view documents which have been lodged electronically in that action. For example, assume the plaintiff and defendant are both registered users. The plaintiff electronically lodges a Writ of Summons. The defendant can search the documents filed, note that Writ has been filed, click on it and an image of the document will appear. This image may be printed or saved.

A registered user who lodges a document can also retrieve and view the document via the 'search previously lodged documents' link on the main menu page.

If a registered user did not lodge the document, but they are on the record for another party in the action, then they can use the 'search matter' function at the bottom of the main menu page to display the relevant matter. A link will then be made available inviting users to view a list of lodged documents. Any document lodged electronically will then have a view link next to it, which will cause the document to display in MS Word when pressed.

Last updated: 19-Jul-2012
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