Supreme Court of Western Australia

Admissions Ceremonies

Admissions Ceremonies are live-streamed from this website, with video recordings of the ceremony available on this page shortly after the Admissions Ceremonies for a limited time.

Admissions - Live Broadcast of Admissions Ceremonies in the Supreme Court of Western Australia

Admissions Ceremonies were last held at the Supreme Court on 3 September 2019.

9.15am - Admissions Ceremony (AVI 349MB)

The following people were admitted in the ceremonies to practice as a lawyer in Western Australia:

Admitted on Tuesday, 3 September 2019:

Nalinpriya Sarang Behere

Alisha Louise Bond

Ilzamarie Evans

Jasmine Lillian France

Caroline Ceyhan Gann

Sean Thomas Hogan

Andrew Alan Huxtable

Alma Jovanovic

Nathan Sean Kearns

Briana Margaret Kerr

Danielle Deborah Rose Kickett

Darren Bo Wen Lee

Julia Catherine Lee

Anastasia Jane Barbara Markos

Aiden Giles Nunis

Ebony Jane Paskov

Rachel Alison Porter

Ezhil Rajendran

Hamish Hamilton Robertson

Jhil Rosemay Rudrum

Carolyn Elizabeth Ryland

Yi Hua Tan

Amy Yicheng Wang

Emma Jane Watson

Briony Marian Whyte

William Chee Hoe Wong


Further information about the legal profession and legal practice may be obtained from the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia website.

Last updated: 19-Sep-2019

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