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Court Procedure

After Documents Are Filed

Are my documents correct?

The Court will notify you only if your documents are incorrect.

Can I be admitted if I do not attend the ceremony?

You must attend the ceremony unless you are being admitted under the Mutual Recognition (Western Australia) Act 2010 in which case you may elect to have your application dealt with on the papers without an appearance. If you are seeking admission under the Mutual Recognition (Western Australia) Act 2010 you should consult the Admissions > Mutual Recognition, on this website.

Can I change Counsel moving my admission after filing the Originating Motion for Admission? Do I need to re-file my motion paper?

Yes, you can change your Counsel (you are not required to re file your motion paper). You need to put your request in writing at least 48 hours before the ceremony is due to take place and the Court will amend your Originating Motion for Admission. Please fax all such requests to the Admissions Secretary on 9421 5216.

Can I affirm my Oath instead of swearing it on the day of admission?

You may either swear or affirm your Oath. It will be assumed that you will swear your Oath, however if you wish to affirm your Oath you must advise the Admissions Secretary at least 3 days before the ceremony takes place.

Do I need to remember my Oath/Affirmation for the day of admissions?

No, the Oath/Affirmation is provided to you on the day and the procedure for your admission will be explained prior to the ceremony commencing.

At what time is the admission ceremony held?

The Court will advise you of the time and date of the ceremony. Both you and the counsel who will be moving your admission should arrive at Court at least 20 minutes prior to the admission ceremony commencing.

What does counsel say at the admissions?

It gives me great pleasure to move that __________________ be admitted as a lawyer and officer of this Honourable Court.

Note: Counsel should resume their seat after the Court has announced the admission of the applicant, but before the applicant comes forward and takes the oath.

Is counsel required to robe and wear a wig at the admissions?

Counsel is robed but does not wear a wig.

Can my parents/friends take photos of the admission ceremony?

Taking photographs inside the Court is not permitted. Photographs can be taken outside the Court or in the gardens.

Can I use my own Bible/Koran at the admission ceremony?

Yes. If you have special requirements for your admission, you must contact the Admissions Secretary and advise them of your particular requirements so arrangements can be made prior to the admission day.

The Admission Ceremony will be filmed

The Court will film your Admission Ceremony, a copy of which will be available for download via the Court's website:

Can I get a copy of my certificate?

To obtain a certified copy of your admissions certificate, you must provide the Court with proof that you have lost your original certificate as a result of theft, flood, fire or suchlike. A fee is payable for the provision of a certified copy of a certificate. The current fee structure is located on this web site at General Division Fees.

How do I obtain confirmation from the Court that I remain on the Roll as an admitted lawyer?

If you need to establish that you remain on the Roll, then you may write to the Court and request a 'Certificate of Good Standing'. You must provide the Court with your full name, current residential address, and date of admission. A certificate will then be issued to you. A fee is payable for the provision of a certificate. The current fee structure is located on this web site at General Division Fees.

Last updated: 8-Aug-2018

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