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Courtroom Access

Access to courtrooms in the Stirling Gardens building

The Stirling Gardens building was completed in 1903. While facilities have been updated, not all courtrooms are easily accessible for people using wheelchairs, prams and walking aids.

The Court is open to the public and the Court is keen to make hearings as accessible as possible.

Advise the counter staff at the time of filing your application for a hearing if you have any special access requirements. This will give the Court time to assign your hearing to a courtroom that is more accessible if it is going to be heard in the Stirling Gardens building.

You can also contact the associate of the judicial officer who is hearing your matter. Please do this ahead of time so the courtroom can be changed if required.

To reach the first floor of the Stirling Gardens building, an elevator is located in the corridor outside Courtroom 2, and it is marked on the court room locations map.

Last updated: 6-Jul-2016

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