Supreme Court of Western Australia

Courtroom Etiquette

Being on time

You should arrive in court at least 10 minutes before the start of your hearing. You are reminded to provide for extra time to go through security.

You will receive notification of your hearing details from the court. You can also check the court listings on the eCourts website or ring the court if you are not sure where and when your hearing will take place.

When you arrive, you should inform the associate who you are and which of your witnesses (if any) are present.

Dress standards

You should dress neatly when attending court, no singlets or bare feet are permitted. Please take off your sunglasses and hats in the courtroom.

No mobile phones, food or drink

You will need to turn off all mobile phones and any other electronic devices before entering the court. Do not take any food or drink into court.

Courtroom behaviour

You will be asked to stand as the judicial officer enters or leaves the room and, if you need to leave the room during your hearing, you will need to ask the judicial officer for a short adjournment. You should not leave the court while it is in session.

In court, you should refer to judicial officers in the following way:

  • Chief Justice of Western Australia 'Your Honour'
  • Judge 'Your Honour'
  • Master 'Master Harris'
  • Principal Registrar 'Principal Registrar'
  • Registrar 'Registrar'

Further information about addressing judicial officers can be found on the page addressing judicial officers.

Last updated: 1-Mar-2019

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