Supreme Court of Western Australia

Representing Yourself

If you have not been to Court before you may be concerned about the process, especially if you are representing yourself. Having a case before the Supreme Court, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant can be a stressful experience.

The purpose of these pages is to assist you in understanding the most common court processes and to provide you with information that may assist in preparing your case. Each page contains a brief summary of information and downloadable fact sheets. The fact sheets have been compiled into a complete self-represented litigants pack. You may want to print this booklet to read before starting an action and to keep as a reference tool as your action progresses through the Court.


Most of your contact with the Court will be with Registry staff so it is important that you understand what staff can and can’t do to help you prepare your action. Please read the fact sheet on the services that Registry provide.

Registry staff are not able to provide you with legal advice. If you are concerned and find you do not understand the processes involved in your action, we encourage you to seek legal advice. See "Finding Legal Assistance" on the  Useful Links page on our website.

Last updated: 15-Mar-2024

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