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Technology in Court

Technology in Court

The Supreme Court has a range of technologies, infrastructure and skilled staff to facilitate the use of technology in civil and criminal proceedings by litigants, lawyers and the Court.

Use of Technology Resources

The Court's capability and practices for the use of technology for the presentation of evidence, submissions and other material is set out in the Consolidated Practice Direction (see section 1.2.6 - The Use of Technology). The Practice Direction refers to two booking forms:

Quality of audio recordings

The Consolidated Practice Direction 1.2.6 draws to the attention of practitioners and litigants a number of matters related to the use of video and audio material in proceeding in the court. One of these is the following:

From time to time when practitioners in a trial have sought to play an audio recording on a CD or DVD, the sound produced has been barely audible in the courtroom. The reason for this appears to have been that the sound level on the recording was at a lower than usual audio level (for example, a recording of a telephone intercept).

Practitioners are requested to check the audio levels of any recording to be played in court. If the recording is quiet, practitioners are requested to ascertain from the source of the recording whether the recording level can be improved and then make arrangements to test whether the recording will be audible when played on the court's audio systems. These arrangements can be made by telephoning the Court Technology Officer on (08) 9421 5462 not less than seven (7) days prior to the hearing.

Witnesses or accused with a hearing impairment

Some courts are equipped with a hearing aid loop amplifier to assist any hearing impaired person within each courtroom. The audio system transmits audio directly to hearing aids with telecoils (T-coils.). People with hearing aids will need to switch their hearing aids to the 'T' position to receive this audio feed.

There have been occasions where witnesses and accused persons who suffer from impaired hearing, have attended court without their hearing aid. Arrangements can be made by the Court to provide such persons with a sound amplification system for use in Court, however prior notice to the Technology Officer on (08) 9421 5462 of this requirement is essential, so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Last updated: 29-Sep-2017

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