In criminal proceedings, the accused and the DPP are entitled to one copy of the transcript for a criminal trial free of charge and no request is needed.

If you are a party to civil proceedings you are generally entitled to transcript on request and on payment of a fee.

A request for a transcript is made using the transcript request form and can be emailed to the Court Transcript Officer. Copies of the transcript will be provided to you on payment of any applicable fee. The fees for transcript are available on the 'Forms & Fees' page.

Please note you must submit a request for running transcript at least two business days before the hearing and pay a deposit of $390 per day.

If you are not a party to the proceedings, you will need to submit the transcript request form and a letter addressed to the Principal Registrar describing your need and intended use for the transcript.

For further information on whether or not you are entitled to transcript, please refer to the Consolidated Practice Directions (PD 3.3 Access to Information, Records and Things Held by the Court).

Contact details

Court Transcript Officer
Telephone: (08) 9421 5473
Fax: (08) 9421 5353

Last updated: 16-Aug-2019

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