Supreme Court of Western Australia

Video and Telephone Conferencing

The Supreme Court uses video and telephone conferencing systems to provide communication between parties in different locations. The Court also uses video conferencing for routine criminal hearings.

If you are a party to proceedings, you can seek an order from the Court pursuant to section 121 of the Evidence Act 1906 (WA) that a witness give evidence at a trial by video link.

The Court’s policy on witnesses giving evidence by video link is set out in the Consolidated Practice Direction (item 1.2.7 - Taking of evidence by video link).

If you have obtained an order for a witness to appear by video, you will need to make the arrangements with the Court. You should send a Video Link Booking Request to the Court not less than 14 days before the hearing.

Video conferencing is funded by a user-pays system. The fees are:

  • Booking fee: $230 (non-refundable) for interstate and overseas bookings;
  • or $156 (non-refundable) for intrastate bookings.
  • Hourly fee: $122 per hour or part of an hour.

All telecommunication (ISDN) charges incurred by the Court

There are no fees for video links in criminal proceedings except in special circumstances.

The Court Technology Officer can clarify whether you need to pay fees or not. There are no fees for telephone conferencing.

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Last updated: 14-Nov-2023

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