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The State of Western Australia’s Minister for Works leases the David Malcolm Justice Centre, part of which is occupied by the Department of Justice. The Department has a range of rooms and resources available for hire. Organisations that deliver court-related services may be eligible to book the mediation rooms and court facilities for professional functions.

You can use this form to enquire about the availability and cost of booking a room and resources within the David Malcolm Justice Centre. The making of an enquiry does not in any way guarantee that you will receive an offer of hire. The decision of whether or not to offer rooms and resources for hire is at the discretion of the Minister.

If the Minister decides to make you an Offer, it will contain the Hire Fee, other Special Conditions (including rooms and resources offered) and will be subject to the General Conditions.

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Please note: Additional fees apply for bookings out of office hours. Booking times are subject to availability.

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